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    Quote Originally Posted by Charl View Post
    I wouldn’t know. I’m just looking at the 3D model and having no problem seeing a grooved adze with the bit blunted, just as it was described. I don’t know what type of fossil is being suggested here as a more accurate interpretation. Obviously, adze and gouge tools are more common here in New England than elsewhere in the United States. Although the groove is far deeper than any I’ve seen from my own region, I have no real problem understanding why someone would see it as a adze with very worn down bit. But I needed to see the angles shown in the 3D model, that certainly helped.

    Edit: just noticed the cavity at the “poll” end. That’s unique, and if an adze, must have involved a socket and groove hafting.
    For myself I wasn't talking about the 3D picture in opening post as a possible fossil, I was talking about the one below, the original picture (3D) is no doubt an adze in my opinion.

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